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About Our Company

About Our Company

  • Storm Solutions Plus is the only Canadian Dealer for VSI by BOSS Liquid Deicing.
  • Located in Peterborough Ontario Canada, we carry new, used and demo equipment as well as repair/replacement parts
  • Over 5 years of liquid experience in our landscaping and snow business that we can share with our clients

Partner: VSI by BOSS Snowplows

“At VSI, nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction with our products and service. From the day you buy it to the day you retire it, we want you to truly feel that the product you purchased served you as well or better than any piece of equipment you have ever owned.” READ MORE


Partner: Metal Pless Snowplows

“Metal Pless snow plows have a unique shape that allows it to push a greater amount of snow further, using less horse power. We also created and patented a universal subframe which is 40% lighter than the competition and can be fitted to almost all types of tractors.” READ MORE

NEW Partner: Frost Solutions

The Frost Mini-RWIS gives you the data and forecasts you need– air and road temperatures, dew point, coefficient of friction, and images on demand– to help better manage winter storms.


NEW Partner: Thermal Blade

THERMALBLADE products deliver an upgrade in performance to help you see better in all weather. A year round blade with special heated blade for safe winter driving.


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